WP Auto Image ALT

Automatically adds relevant alternative text to all images found in your posts, pages, products and other post types.


Help Google Discovers Your Images

Did you know that 20% of Google searches are on images?

WP Auto Image Alt ensures you don’t miss that opportunity to get discovered from Google images searches.

Here’s Matt Cutts from Google explaining the importance of ALT text


How It Works?

WP Auto Image Alt automatically adds ALT attributes in two ways, by using:

  • post or page title as ALT text
  • custom ALT text you can manage in each post or page

WP Auto Image Alt uses the_content filter. Only images buried in the editor will be affected. Images found in sidebars and widgets will be skipped.

WP Auto Image Alt works with Smart SEO CSV Import/Export, which means you can bulk update ALT text via CSV import.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on archive, categories and taxonomy pages?

No. For now, WP Auto Image Alt only works on single view of a post, page, product, and other enabled post types.

I want to exclude images found on standard pages from being manipulated. Can I do it?

Yes. Just make sure you uncheck “Page” from the supported post types.

What happen to my existing posts/pages with images that already have ALT attributes?

If WP Auto Image Alt is enabled on those post types, all ALT attributes attached to an image will be overwritten.

I have WP Auto Image Alt enabled on WooCommerce products. Why am I not seeing an updated ALT text to all my product gallery images?

Some WooCommerce themes including Storefront use third-party gallery scripts that strip off image attributes such as title and alternative text.

Images found in sidebar and widgets don’t have an updated ALT attributes. Why is it?

Only images found in the_content filter (read: images added in the editor) will be affected. Images found in sidebars and widgets will be skipped.